You've reached the official Thales documentation. This guide contains all the resources you'll need to understand the Thales protocol.


What is Thales?

Thales is a decentralized protocol that allows users to take part in peer-to-peer Parimutuel Markets on Optimism and Polygon. The simple but powerful smart contracts at the foundation of Thales Market allow you to participate in markets for different crypto assets, but that's just the beginning. Thales protocol continues to innovate by offering community based games like Thales Royale and more advanced trading products like Ranged Markets.
And thanks to the our passionate community, traders can take part in custom markets and speculate on real-world events (like timing "The flippening") in an uncensorable and fully permissionless way using the Exotic Markets platform. The straightforward nature of parimutuel markets - paired with nearly infinite possibilities for market making places Thales on the cutting edge of crypto fun.

Thales Market Navigation Guide

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