🎮How to Play

You can create your own character and enter the Tale of Thales metaverse at https://thalesmarket.io/tale-of-thales or by clicking on "Tale of Thales" in the menu of https://thalesmarket.io/markets. The Tale of Thales Metaverse is available on both Optimism and Arbitrum networks.

Logging in and Creating your Character

Once you arrive at the "MULTIVERSE" tab, choose a name, gender, skin tone and hair color for your character. Click on the "Connect" button to connect your wallet and gain access to blockchain features such as the ability to further customize your character with ToT NFT gear. Connecting your wallet also allows you to participate in events and competitions and receive prizes.

Once you've connected your wallet you can equip any NFTs you currently hold. Select from your items to equip the 4 item slots: Helmet, Torso, Shoes and Weapon.

NFTs can be equipped in different combinations and are individually minted. They can also be traded with other users.

Once you've created your character and equipped them to adventure you're ready to enter Miletus!

Exploring Miletus and beyond

Players can navigate throughout Miletus by using a combination of their mouse and keyboard. The directional arrows or the AWSD keys move your character, while the space bar and the E key are used to interact.

On the top right corner of the screen you’ll see the server latency (in green/yellow/red numbers, depending on your connection), the number of players online, and a volume selector.

On the top left corner you’ll see your character name and the number of gold coins (in-game currency) you have.

Now that you know how to get around it's time to get familiar with the townspeople.

Cast of Characters

Miletus contains many characters that you might recognize from the Thales, Overtime, and Synthetix communities. Simply walk up and have a chat with them to learn a bit about Miletus or hear a funny reference to OG Thales lore.

You'll meet community members from Thales, Kwenta, Synthetix, Overtime, Chainlink, Optimism and more. There's also Miletians like "Liquidity Provider" and "Parlay Enjoyer" to meet; don't they sound interesting!

In-Game Trading

Players can mozy on up to the trading desk to chat with Zebro from Overtime or Smart Contract from Thales Markets to access trading UI's for each platform.

To make trades directly in the game, use the "Story" tab to play the original Tale of Thales Positional Markets tutorial

Thales Academy

Enter the sacred halls to meet some of Thales most dedicated disciples.

Infinity Hotel

This is a place where players can create their own room and visit the rooms of other players. These Personal rooms are available for meeting different criteria or in exchange for gold earned during regularly scheduled quests.

Players can visit Official Rooms hosted by different protocols and decorated according to their own aesthetic.

Be sure check back in and book your room!

Explore the Forest beyond the city walls

Players are now able to leave the safety of the city walls and travel beyond Miletus into the forest. Here you'll find many things to discover, with new areas opening up all the time!

You'll find new friends and other future activities deep in the forest, so be sure to venture out and explore!

Tale of Thales Positional Markets Tutorial

Players can revisit the original version of Tale of Thales using the "Story" tab seen at login. Follow along with Thales as he catches up with his old friend Chadistole and learns how to analyze and trade positional markets and what happens when his positions reach maturity. His journey is filled with fun interactions with Miletians and eventually takes him through space and time as he masters the positional market.

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