📈Trading Guide

To start trading Parimutuel positions on the Thales marketplace all you need is a Web3 wallet with some sUSD, USDC (or USDC.e), DAI or USDT stablecoins (depending on the network!)

Step 1: Find a Market

After launching the Thales dapp and connecting your wallet, you can select an asset, date and direction to view markets for different strike prices.

Different markets can be viewed using a combination of these parameters and selecting a strike price. The chart will update according to these parameters, with the green area representing prices that will lead to a successful position for the chose market.

Step 2: Analyze the Market

You'll see the following information (listed below moving clockwise from asset name) for the selected market:

  • The symbol and name of the chosen asset as well as the current price. Current price is also show in orange on the chart and within strike prices.

  • Maturity Date shows the date at which the market is resolved. You can also see the exact time of maturity underneath the time frame selections.

  • Price difference is the percentage of how far away the Current asset price is from the market's Strike Price.

  • Position Direction shows the chosen market direction; either UP, DOWN, IN or OUT.

  • Strike price of the chosen market is the price point around which the market is traded (UP or DOWN from that price), or a range to trade (either IN or OUT).

  • ROI is the potential return on investment for the selected strike price.

  • Discount (if available) shows the discount for the underbought side of the market, up to 10%. This incentivizes traders to balance the AMM's exposure in the market.

  • Buy-in amount is the amount and type of collateral entered by the user, followed by the "BUY" button.

  • Gear shows more detailed information about the selected market.

  • Pay-out displays the amount you'd be able to claim if the selected market conditions are met.

  • Time Frames change the displayed time frame for the chart.

Step 3: Execute a Trade

Once you've selected an asset, date, direction and strike price, and you've entered the desired Buy-in amount, use the "APPROVE" button to provide the dapp with expenditure approval.

You can then use the "BUY" button to execute the transaction and purchase the respective positional tokens.

Once you are holding positional tokens for a market, you'll see that position included in the "Your Open Positions" section underneath the chart

You can cash out early as long as the market is still in the positioning phase using the "Cash Out $X.XX" button. This allows you to sell your positional tokens back to the AMM without needing to wait for the maturity date.

Steps for claiming a winning position can be found in Exercising a Winning Position.

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