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The world of Thales and his disciples has expanded to the Metaverse! If you've been around the Thales community you know we love mixing it up and having fun, so we've decide to expand the scope of Tale of Thales and dream bigger. Now anyone can join Thales and interact with other players and the townspeople of Miletus or venture out into the uncharted woods and to find adventure and treasure.

The Tale of Thales Metaverse is a live multiplayer world where traders can create their own character and interact with each other in real time. Players can learn how to trade Positional Markets, earn NFT gear to equip their character and show off their collection as they complete regularly scheduled quests and take part in community wide competitions.

The Tale of Thales Metaverse is available on Optimism and Arbitrum networks.

Game Features

  • Create and customize your own character

  • Interact with other players that are online

  • Collect and equip NFT gear

  • Mix and match different NFT sets for your unique look

  • NFTs can be listed/traded on marketplaces like OpenSea

  • Explore Miletus and the surrounding areas

  • Chat with familiar characters (NPCs) from the Thales community and the broader ecosystem

  • Link to thalesmarket.io and overtimemarkets.xyz to trade Positional Markets

  • Guided Tutorial for trading Positional Markets with in-game mockup trading (on Tale of Thales v1 or Story mode)

  • Regularly scheduled quests you can complete

  • Discover Easter eggs referencing Thales lore

Positional Markets Tutorial

The original Tale of Thales brought players on a journey to learn how to trade Positional Markets on Thales Markets. This tutorial walked players through the concept of reviewing and purchasing positions and showed what happened at maturity. This version of the game is still available under the "Story" tab seen during log-in.

Regularly Scheduled Quests

Each player will have the chance to complete regularly scheduled quests and earn gold in return for their brave efforts. These quests call upon different skills so be sure to return often and collect the rewards.

Types of Quests

  • Harvest Quests: Players must speak with a local townsperson who will request the retrieval of a specific fruit from the forest that lies beyond the city walls.

  • Fishing Quests: The Fisherman will provide you with gold in exchange for fish. Players must have the fishing rod equipped to complete these quests.

  • Fighting Quests: A Miletian Guard will ask the player to defeat a monster deep in the forest. Only players with a sword equipped can take on Fighting quests

Tale of Thales History

Tale of Thales was originally launched on January 24rth, 2022 and included a guided tutorial taking the player through Miletus and to learn how Positional Markets work. Players could purchase positions directly from within the game using a native trading UI in the style of Miletus. To celebrate the launch Thales hosted an Easter Egg Competition where the community could search for golden eggs and earn THALES tokens in return for being the first to post the location of an egg. Winners were also given an exclusive Thales Gamer NFT featuring artwork by Bob Zivkovic.

With the release of the Tales of Thales Metaverse, we've taken that original experience into another dimension. Just think of what else is on the way!

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