Exercising a Winning Position

T0 "exercise" a Parimutuel option means to convert your positional tokens to USD in a 1:1 ratio during the maturity phase of the specific market.

After launching the Thales dapp and connecting your wallet, navigate to the PROFILE page on the left sidebar.
After you are on the profile page, go to the second tab that says MATURED POSITIONS:
The matured markets where your positional token has won will be shown with the status: CLAIMABLE.
Click on the matured position to reach the Exercise page:
On the Exercise page you can see:
  • The type of positional tokens that are available for you to exercise
  • Your Payout amount in USD
  • How much time you have left until expiration to exercise your options tokens
  • The current Network fee (gas) price to exercise the transaction, denominated to $
  • The Exercise button
After clicking the Exercise options button you will get a request from your wallet to confirm the transaction. After the transaction is confirmed, all the options tokens you own from that market get burned and the USD quoted in the Payout amount field will get deposited into your wallet from the market contract.
Currently, there is a claim window of 12 weeks to claim your winnings. After that, claiming will not be possible.