🏺Why Use Thales?

There's no shortage of alternative derivatives platforms available to traders looking to escape the restrictions of TradFi - so what makes Thales different?

Thales introduces a unique combination of custom market making on the most secure and decentralized blockchain around while still providing a trading experience that's easy to understand and actually fun. No other protocol is this flexible and accessible.

What are the benefits of using Thales?

  • Simplicity: First and foremost, the straightforward process of participating in markets makes the platform stand out. The simple structure of Parimutuel markets makes it easy to understand the risk and reward of a particular strategy while keeping user experience light and fun.

  • Flexibility: Other options platforms restrict users to standardized expiry periods and a limited choice of assets. Why rely on a centralized entity to decide what markets you can participate in when you can take part in custom markets based around any data that's available on-chain?

And you can still trade against standard crypto-assets or hedge your existing portfolio without worrying about complicated pricing models or risks to your collateral.

  • Ethereum and Layer 2 Networks like Optimism, Arbitrum and Polygon: No other blockchain has achieved a network effect as powerful while maintaining the highest level of security and decentralization as the Ethereum Network. And now that Thales has deployed to several Layer 2 networks, transactions are cheap and fast while maintaining the benefits of Ethereum.

OK fine, so what makes Thales different from other pooled crypto markets?

  • Usability: Ease of use is not a common feature of Defi. Parimutuel Markets just make sense and Thales has created an intuitive front-end that doesn't overwhelm users with superfluous data. Buying positions on some crypto platforms, lets be honest, feels like work.

  • Unrivaled access to on-chain data: Thales has built a close relationship with Chainlink, the top Oracle network on Ethereum and Optimism, to continuously capture important off-chain information and make it available on-chain.

  • Fully Decentralized Collateral: By using sUSD as collateral Thales can guarantee full decentralization. Other protocols rely on stablecoins that are backed by centralized assets which can be censored or taken offline.

  • Community Governance inherited from Synthetix: The Thales protocol was spun out from the Binary Options feature released by Synthetix in mid-2020. Thales has learned from Synthetix and applies these lessons to the protocol's governance framework. The active community is passionate about developing and refining the protocol.

So why use Thales? So you can participate, predict and most importantly, have fun with positional markets.

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