🗡️ToT NFTs

ToT NFTs can be equipped to your character so you can show off your collection. These NFTs will be made available as part of events and competitions and come in sets of 3 or 4 items. Characters can equip the following types of items:

  • Helmet

  • Torso

  • Shoes

  • Weapon

Minting NFTs

NFT gear can be minted if you meet the criteria described in the info icon. Before you log in, go to the "Mint NFT" tab and hover over the icon to see the criteria to mint.

Each set will follow a theme, with different tiers of sets for each theme. ToT NFTs can also be exchanged on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea.

Fisherman sets

Fisherman sets can only be acquired through the Fishing Competition held during the launch of ToT version 2.0. See ToT Fishing Competition for rules and guidelines

Fisherman Set Tiers:

  • Regular: All participants in the competition will be able to mint the Regular set

  • Camouflage: This set is only available to those that scored within the top 20% of participants

  • Luxury: Only the top 5% of participants in the contest will be able to mint the Luxury set

Miletus Soldier set

The Miletus Soldier is the OG amour set for Tale of Thales. This set will be mintable for all wallets that have staked at least 10 THALES on Optimism or Arbitrum. The snapshot for THALES stakers on both networks was taken on March 22nd (around 11AM UTC).

Just make sure to connect the wallet you use to stake THALES and be sure to select the correct network where you stake (Arbitrum or Optimism).

Bronze, Silver and Golden Soldier Sets

Don't worry if you weren't included in the snapshot, as you have a chance to mint the Bronze, Silver, or Gold armors depending on the volume you generate in the Thales markets dapp and/or in the Overtime markets dapp on either Optimism or Arbitrum. This volume is obtained from on-chain data, so as soon as you hit a volume tier you’ll be able to mint the armor. You can check your wallet's volume on the Profile page here: https://thalesmarket.io/profile

When a wallet qualifies for one tier they also have access to all tiers below:

  • Gold armor: The connected wallet needs to have 10,000 USD or more in volume (between Thales markets and Overtime markets)

  • Silver armor: The connected wallet needs to have 1,000 USD or more in volume (between Thales markets and Overtime markets)

  • Bronze armor: The connected wallet needs to have 100 USD or more in volume (between Thales markets and Overtime markets)

These volume thresholds are ongoing (no snapshot or cut-off date, for the time being). Higher tiers will also be able to mint the lower-tier NFTs.

It’s important to note that all NFTs (fisherman sets and armor sets) can be minted on either Optimism or Arbitrum networks. For the armor sets, minting criteria depends on which networks you've generated the volume on (Gold, Silver, Bronze) or have THALES staked (Miletus soldier armor).

More sets are on the way, so check back for upcoming events, competitions and announcements to build your ToT NFT collection.

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