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Welcome to our video library of How-To Tutorials! Each video is embedded below, or you can view all of our YouTube Video Tutorials at: https://www.youtube.com/@thalesmarket/featured

Thales Onboarding Wizard for new users

In this brief video we'll explain how the onboarding wizard works and how to follow the steps associated with it. New users can follow this video to have everything they need to start using Web dapps and begin trading on Thales Markets.

Thales Market Walk through

In this video we'll explain how to navigate and use both Thales website and its platform for Parimutuel markets. We'll take you through the main functionality of the dapp and explain how to trade Thales positional markets.

How to use the Thales AMM (Automated Market Maker)

In this tutorial we'll explain how to use the AMM (Automated Market Maker) on Thales platform. The AAM facilitates quick and easy trading for positional markets without the need for a counter-party to trade against.

What are Ranged Markets?

This tutorial will explain what Ranged Markets are and how to use the AMM on Thales Ranged Markets platform. This approach to trading positional markets opens up many possiblities for traders beyond simple single strike-price positions.

How odds and pricing work for the Thales AMM and Overtime Sports AMM

In this brief presentation we'll explain how the odds and pricing mechanism works on Thales and Overtime AMMs, going over some examples at the end. You'll walk away understanding how to evaluate positions and how to calculate potential winnings.

Thales token (THALES) staking walk through- How to stake THALES

In this video we'll show you how to stake THALES on the Thales platform. The THALES token is a standard ERC-20 token used by the community for governance of the Thales protocol.

Thales Governance Walk through- How to vote with staked THALES

This video will explain how Thales Governance works, how to navigate the governance page, and how to vote with your staked THALES for candidates when it's election time. Many aspects of the platform rely on the governance process so it's important to know how elections work.

Thales Referral Program Walk through

In this brief video we'll explain how the Thales Referral Program works, how to create referral links to share, and how to track the trades made by people you've referred.

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