🔵Staking THALES on Base - Guide

The Thales staking contract allows users to lock THALES tokens to receive voting power in the protocol. THALES staked balances and related voting power can then be used to participate in protocol governance.

Any further utility of THALES staking will be decided and voted on by Thales community governance and their chosen representatives, the Thales Council.

You can reach the staking page using the "Thales Token" menu item or by navigating directly to https://thalesmarket.io/token

Make sure you are connected to the Base Network.

Staking rewards are allocated to you once a week, depending on your My Staked Share percentage value at the time of the weekly snapshot. You can claim staking rewards weekly.

Unclaimed weekly rewards are forfeited!

Gamified Staking

Thales uses a Gamified Staking model to reward protocol users for certain activities, such as generating volume or depositing collateral into AMMs or Vaults. To incentivize staking, total THALES staking rewards for L2 Base stakers are 10,000 THALES tokens weekly. 7,500 THALES tokens are distributed as base rewards for staking with an additional 2,500 THALES tokens going out as bonus rewards.

Base Rewards

7,500 THALES tokens are distributed as base rewards for staking on Base. To calculate how many base rewards you’ll receive you’ll need to obtain your staked share % in relation to all the THALES tokens staked on Base, and then apply that % to the total of base rewards for that chain.

So, for example, if you stake 1000 THALES on Base and there are 100,000 THALES tokens staked there, then your staked share is 0.01%, so you’ll be able to claim 0.01% of all Base rewards for that chain (7,500 THALES).

Bonus Rewards

Every THALES staker has the opportunity to acquire an additional 50% of their staking rewards as bonus rewards based on their activity across Thales products. Stakers become eligible for these bonus rewards from protocol usage by generating volume from Thales AMM markets, Ranged Markets and Overtime AMM Markets, as well as collateral deposited for Liquidity Provisioning to the ThalesAMM and Overtime's SportsAMM and ParlayAMM and to Vaults for both Thales and Overtime

Bonus rewards are 2,500 THALES weekly for the Protocol Usage bucket. This includes USD volume generated from the follow activities on Base:

  • Thales Directional Market AMM trading

  • Thales Ranged Market AMM trading

  • Overtime Sports and Parlay AMM trading

  • Thales and Overtime Vault deposits and Liquidity Provisioning

Points and Staked THALES Multiplier

These activities accrue points that determine your share of the weeks total bonus rewards. Your Gamified Staking Bonus Rewards depend on your percentage of the total global points among all THALES stakers for the week.

With the new Staking UI, Bonus Rewards are now based on Points instead of volume alone. Protocol Usage Volume is now calculated over 1 week instead of 4.

This is how your Weekly Points Total is calculated:

Trading Volume: 1 point for every 1 USD

  • You’ll receive 1 point for every 1 USD of volume generated for Thales Markets and/or Overtime Markets protocol during the week.

AMM LP Points: 0.1 points for every 1 USD

  • By contributing collateral to AMM liquidity pools (ThalesAMM, SportsAMM, ParlayAMM), you’ll receive 0.5 points for every 1 USD you deposit.

Vault Points: 0.2 points for every 1 USD

  • USD deposited into vaults (Thales Market vaults, Overtime Market vaults) will grant you 0.25 points for every 1 USD you’ve deposited.

THALES Staked Multiplier: Your staked THALES divided by Staking Divider (100,000) +1

  • The amount of THALES you’ve staked, divided by the Staking Divider plus 1 equals the multiplier that determines your final points score.

  • The minimum multiplier is 1 and maximum is 2.

Your Total Score determines your share of the 10,000 THALES in Gamified Staking Bonus Rewards for each week. The sum of all your points multiplied by your THALES Staked Multiplier will provide your Total Score.

Total Score = (Trading Volume points + AMM LP points + Vaults Points) x THALES Staked Multiplier

The more THALES you stake, the higher the final multiplier of your total points.

You can also view TIP-48, TIP-135, and TIP-163 for more details on Gamified Staking.

Gamified Staking Leaderboard

All THALES Stakers will be eligible to be included in the Gamified Staking Leaderboard each week. You'll see your rank, total points and Thales multiplier as well as your total bonus rewards, along with the top 10 point scorers for that week. You can scroll to the bottom of the page and click through to see stats for all stakers.

With the new Staking UI, you can now view your weekly rewards from the leaderboard

Automating Weekly Claiming

Since unclaimed rewards are returned to the protocol, Thales wanted to provide an easy way for Stakers to automate the claiming process. User can now allow a third-party tool, Gelato (see this page for details) to automatically claim their weekly rewards.

Delegating Volume for Gamified Staking

Stakers can now decide where their Protocol Usage volume is applied to maximize bonus rewards by allowing a wallet to delegate the volume it generates to another wallet. This could be helpful to stakers that wish to store their staked and vested THALES on a hardware wallet while trading with a hot wallet.

To delegate protocol volume to another address, navigate to the Thales Token page, and then select the “Account Preferences” button. Here you can enter the wallet you’d like to delegate to.

You can only delegate 100% of a wallet’s volume to another wallet. Delegation can be stopped at any time. Check out TIP-102 for information on delegating volume.

How to Stake and Claim Rewards

Step 1: Connect your wallet

The first step is to connect an Ethereum wallet holding THALES tokens to the Thales dapp. Click the button on the top right corner, select your Ethereum wallet of choice and you should be connected.

Step 2: Navigate to the THALES Staking tab

The THALES Staking tab is a part of the THALES token page. You can navigate to the THALES token page by using the sidebar on the left side of the front page:

Alternatively, you can reach the token page by using this direct link: https://thalesmarket.io/token.

​After you open the THALES token page, you can find the Gamified Staking tab, and then the Staking button below, as pictured below:

Step 3: Staking THALES

In the lower left corner of the Staking tab you can see the window where you can Stake or Unstake THALES tokens:

This section is used to deposit your THALES into the Staking contract and start staking. Here you can see the amount of THALES tokens you have available for staking next to "Amount to Stake: Balance".

You will also see several metrics related to THALES token staking, including:

  • APY- Annual Percentage Yield in THALES tokens from staking. The green number is the bonus reward percentage from Gamified Staking

  • My Staked Share- The percentage of total staked THALES that you've staked using the wallet you are currently connect with

  • My Staked Balance- The number of THALES tokens you've staked with the currently connected wallet

  • Total THALES Staked- The total number of THALES Tokens in the staking contract

  • Estimated Rewards for this Period- The amount of THALES Tokens you will be able to claim at the end of the current staking epoch (estimate).

This estimation shows how much THALES rewards from staking you should be getting by the end of the current period if the total amount of staked THALES does not change until then.

You can also view a list of activities you've initiated from the connected wallet.

Executing a Staking transaction

Before you can stake, you need to Approve THALES to allow the Thales dapp to lock your THALES tokens. Click on the Approve THALES button and confirm the transaction.

After the Approval transaction is confirmed:

  1. Input the amount of THALES you want to stake into the AMOUNT TO STAKE input field

  2. Select the Gas price (gwei)

  3. Click on the Stake <amount> THALES button

  4. Confirm the transaction

Congratulations! You are now staking THALES!

Step 4: Claiming, Vesting and Unstaking

Claiming Staking Rewards

From the Gamified Staking tab and next to the Staking button, you'll see the Rewards button. Here you can see the base rewards you've earned from staking, as well as the volume you've generated over the last two staking periods for each Thales protocol, including Thales AMM and Ranged Markets and Overtime Sports Markets. These volume totals will display under the Protocol Usage Bucket and display the staking rewards you've earned from this volume.

The Staking rewards section shows the THALES rewards you have available for claiming from the following sources:

  1. Thales staking - Base rewards accrued from THALES Staking (7,500 THALES weekly)

  2. Bonus Rewards - Bonus rewards accrued from having sufficient trading volume on Thales Products and providing collateral on the Base network (max +50% on base rewards)

Scroll further down the Rewards page and you'll see the button to claim your staking rewards. Execute the claim transaction to take custody of your rewards.

  1. Click on Claim THALES REWARDS button

  2. Confirm the transaction

Remember, unclaimed weekly rewards are forfeited!

After your transaction is confirmed, your claimed THALES tokens are moved to the Escrow contract with 10-week vesting.

Once THALES staking rewards have been claimed, rewards are then moved to the Escrow contract with 10-week vesting. The escrowed balance is included in the staked balance for governance voting power and staking rewards. Escrowed rewards that are redeemed are no longer included in the staked balance unless those are staked through the staking contract.

Staking contracts and Escrow contracts can be found here:

Vesting Rewards

To Vest your THALES staking rewards means to finally transfer the THALES rewards into your wallet after the 10-week vesting period has expired. Click on the Vesting button to view your Vesting Schedule and claim THALES rewards that are ready to vest.

On the Vesting page you are shown the THALES you have Available to vest. To transfer them to your wallet you just need to click the VEST "X" THALES button and confirm the transaction. After you transaction is confirmed you should be able to see THALES rewards in your wallet.

In the Vesting schedule table you can see when and how much THALES rewards you will have available for vesting.


Unstaking is subject to a 7-day unlock period during which no rewards are distributed for the amount being unstaked. When the unlock period is over, the unlocked THALES amount can be redeemed.

You can find the option to Unstake using the toggle button on the bottom left of the Staking page, as shown in the following screenshot:

If you wish to unstake your staked THALES:

  1. Input the amount of THALES you wish to unstake in the AMOUNT TO UNSTAKE input field

  2. Click on the Start unstaking <amount> THALES button and confirm the transaction

After your transaction is confirmed, a cooldown timer will appear during which you can always cancel the unstaking process by clicking the Cancel unstaking <amount> THALES.

After the cooldown timer reaches zero, the Unstake <amount> THALES button will appear. When you click on it and confirm the transaction, your unstaked THALES will be withdrawn to your wallet, or if you've changed your mind you can click on the Cancel unstaking <amount> THALES button to return your THALES to stake.

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