Commonly asked questions and answers.

Where can I acquire THALES tokens?

THALES tokens can be acquired on Uniswap and 1inch decentralized exchanges on the Optimism Network. You can bridge THALES and ETH to Optimism with the Celer cBRIDGE​

Which networks host Thales protocol?

Thales protocol is currently operating on Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Which forms of collateral does Thales support?

Thales currently support sUSD (Synthetic USD) as the main collateral across all products hosted on Optimism. Positional Markets and Ranged Markets also support USDT, USDC and DAI as collateral (BUSD is the only collateral supported on BNB Chain).

Where can I purchase sUSD?

sUSD can be purchased from many decentralized exchanges such as Curve, Uniswap and Sushiswap, or you can mint sUSD by staking SNX at

What kind of Parimutuel markets will be supported?

​ Marketplace provides users with the ability to purchase positions on Crypto Prices with a specific strike price at a predetermined expiry date for any integrated asset with available ChainLink data feeds. The following assets are currently available for trading:
  • Optimism: BTC, ETH, SNX, LINK, OP, XAG (Silver) and XAU (Gold)
  • Arbitrum: BTC, ETH, DPX, GMX, MAGIC
  • Polygon: BTC, ETH, MATIC

What is the THALES token's utility?

THALES is a governance token and all other use cases for the token will be decided by community governance.

How do I participate in Thales Governance?

THALES stakers are given voting power based on their proportion of the total staked amount of THALES. Once you've staked THALES you can use the Governance page to vote for nominees of the Thales Council Election for each 6-month epoch.

When is the next trading competition?

Follow Thales on Twitter for info on upcoming competitions!