🐟ToT Fishing Competition

To celebrate the launch of Tale of Thales Metaverse, Miletus will be hosting it's very first Quest with a fishing competition. Players can join the ToT Metaverse now and test their fishing skills. Each catch will have different attributes that will combine for a total score. Players with the highest scores will be given access to mint special NFT sets

The competition will run for a limited time so grab a rod and start casting!

Competition Guidelines

  • The Fishing Competition Launch Quest will be live for one week on Metaverse launch day March 27th until April 3rd.

  • Players must fish the coastlines of the city to score points depending on the rarity of the fish they catch.

  • Each players' top 5 fish will count towards their total score for rewards.

  • The top scores will be able to access special Fisherman NFT sets.

  • To cast, look for a ripple in the water and hold the Space bar.

  • To reel you will need to use a different key each time as you try to keep the icon in the range.

  • Each catch contains 3 attributes: Strength, Reeling and Rarity.

  • Whenever you catch a fish a window will tell you about the rarity and you can share a screenshot of your catch on Twitter.

  • Once the competition is complete on April 3rd, players will be able to begin minting Fishing NFT sets.


Everyone that wants to participate will receive a fishing pole and a fisherman NFT set of 4 equipable NFTs. Each player's top 5 fish will count towards their total score. Rewards for scoring in the follow percentage will receive special rewards:

  • Players in the Top 20% will receive a Camoflague Fisherman set

  • Players in the Top 5% will receive a Luxury Fisherman set

How to fish

First you'll have to find the local fisherman. He's generally hanging around the docks.

Talk to the Fisherman on the dock with the giant golden fish statue to learn how to control your fisherman and learn about the competition.

Once you've heard his explanation you're ready to start fishing. To cast your rod, Find a ripple in the water and press the SPACE bar. Release when the strength bar reaches the white line. The closer you can get to the white line when you release your rod, the more strength you'll put into the cast.

To reel in your catch, hold the suggested key to keep the indicator within the range. Each cast will have a different key to hold. Hold it in the range long enough and you'll catch something good!

Hint: The quicker you complete the reeling, the better the score of your catch.


Once you've stayed in the AB range long enough you'll be able to evaluate your catch.

Each catch will have stats based on the strength of the cast, the speed it was reeled in, and the rarity of the fish, combining to give you a score.

Catch Attributes:

  • Strength- how accurate you are in hitting the sweet spot for throwing the line

  • Reeling- how precise you are in staying within the AB range. (Hint: It’s harder than it looks!)

  • Rarity: This is purely luck-based

Hint: There might be spots where some catches appear more often than others, so better try and fish in different spots!

Congratulations, you just caught yourself a fish! Now keep casting as your total score in the competition is based on your top 5 catches. You can keep tabs on your top catches by viewing the leaderboard.

Viewing the Leaderboard

Visit the Golden Fish Statue next to the fisherman to view the leaderboard. You'll see a list of your current top 5 catches (used to determine your score) and which NFT sets you are currently eligible to mint. Check back at the end of the competition to see where your final ranking lands!

Once the competition is complete, you'll be able to visit the "Mint" tab and mint the sets you've earned.

Only catches made during the competition will count towards the fishing leaderboard. After the competition ends those with fishing rods equipped will still be able to keep perfecting their fishing skills and finding rare catches.

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