Automate Staking Rewards Claiming with Chainlink Automation - Guide

Currently THALES staking rewards need to be claimed manually by users on a weekly basis or the weekly reward is forfeited. The rewards do not roll over to next week automatically!
With the recent implementation of claimOnBehalf method in the THALES staking contract, it is finally possible for individual stakers to explore automating their award claiming and thus improve their UX significantly.
This page will guide you through the steps of setting up a Chainlink Automation weekly task for auto-claiming your weekly staking rewards.
Chainlink Automation requires LINK tokens for gas to function.
You should have at least 2 LINK in your wallet that will be used to deposit and fund the task you are creation in one of the the task creation process steps.

Step 2: Whitelist the CLA Registry address for the claimOnBehalf method

Navigate to the THALES token Account Preferences page:
Make sure your wallet used for staking THALES is connected to the dapp.
Click on the ENABLE CLAIM ON BEHALFbutton that is located in the bottom left corner of the page.
After the "Claim on behalf" pop-up window opens, in the address input field make sure to input the following CLA Registry address:
After inputting the CLA Registry address, click on the Enable button and confirm the transaction.
Navigate to the Chainlink Automation dapp:
Connect your wallet to the dapp.
If you want to automate staking on
Optimism Network, make sure your wallet and automation dapp is connected to Optimism.
If you want to automate staking on
Arbitrum Network, make sure your wallet and automation dapp is connected to Arbitrum.
Click on the Register new Upkeep button.
Choose Time Based.
In Target contract address input field, input the following THALES staking contract address for the respective networks:



After inputting the contract address, choose the following function: claimRewardOnBehalf Input your wallet address that you use for staking THALES in the accountaddress input field.
To Specify your time schedule, in the Cron expression input field, input the following expression:
0 9 * * 2
This Cron expression signals timed execution for the automation job to be every Tuesday at 09:00 UTC.
Proceed to the next page, which should look like this:
Scrolling down beneath these details, input your desired Upkeep name in the Upkeep details tab.
Input the desired amount of LINK funding for the upkeep in the Starting balance (LINK) input field. The amount should be at least 2 LINK.
Tick the box which confirms you accept the Terms of Service and click on the Register Upkeep button.
Confirm the transaction and you have successfully automated your weekly THALES staking rewards claims using Chainlink Automation!