🗳️How to Vote for Council Members

The successful submission of TIP-10 updated the Thales Council election process to expand voting power to the wider community. THALES token stakers will receive voting weight proportional to the total amount of staked THALES. Stakers can navigate to the Official Thales Governance page once on the Optimism Network and place their vote. Thales uses the popular decentralized voting platform Snapshot to facilitate community elections.

You can only vote for Council Member from the Optimism Network, as you must have staked THALES to acquire voting power and staking is only available on Optimism.

Voting only requires a signature transaction and is free.

Once on the Governance page you'll see a tab for TIPs that are open for voting, one for active Elections and one displaying a list of Thales stakers.

To vote for Thales Council Members, go to the Elections tab and then click on an open vote.

Here you can view the author, the timeline for voting and details about the current election. Live results are shown in the right side panel. Scroll down to see the full list of nominees and apply your voting power.

Click on "See this pitch" to view each candidates vision and goals for the role. You can also see a list of the highest-weighted voters beneath the current results section.

Stakers can vote for more than one nominee using the [-] and [+] buttons. Voting power is divided by the total number of points you submit. You can throw all your weight behind a candidate by giving that candidate one point. To divide your vote among several candidates, enter multiple points and the system will calculate the percentage of your total voting weight to apply to each candidate. Once finished, click "Submit your vote" and complete the signature transaction (no gas required).

Congrats! Remember to check back at the end of the voting period to see the results.

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