Current Incentives

Thales is all about making the trading experience more fun, and what better way to spice it up than to incentivize traders for taking part in our newest and most exciting products. This is where you can keep up on all the current incentive programs, competitions and rewards for Thales Markets.

Speed Markets Trading Competition: 25,000 THALES up for grabs!

To celebrate the release of our new product Speed Markets, we've putting 25,000 THALES on the table for the best traders!
Starting on September 20 and running until October 11, we'll be tracking the best Speed Market traders, with the top traders by net profit and percentage profit taking home a share of the 25,000 THALES.
You can check out Speed Markets here:​
Speed Markets Trading Competition Reward Tiers:
  • The Top 10 traders by net profit will split 15k THALES 🥇
  • The Top 10 traders by percentage profit will split 10k THALES 🥈 (min. 10 markets required)
  • The consolation category will reward the top 5 net losing traders with 5k THALES 🥉
Anyone on Optimism
, Arbitrum
, Polygon
, or BASE
can participate!