Current Incentives

Thales is all about making the trading experience more fun, and what better way to spice it up than to incentivize traders for taking part in our newest and most exciting products. This is where you can keep up on all the current incentive programs, competitions and rewards for Thales Markets.

Thales Arbitrum STIP Program

All Thales Products on Arbitrum will have their own individual reward buckets: Thales Digital Options and Thales Speed Markets. The rewards will be distributed on a biweekly basis with biweekly pro rata calculations.
The plan is to have a total of 7 reward rounds. The exact amount of rewards per each biweekly round can be changed to be in line with new updates and releases of the Thales Protocol products. Read about the details here
Thales digital Options ITM on Arbitrum: 2k ARB
Thales digital Options OTM on Arbitrum: 2k ARB
Thales digital Options Bonus Volume on Arbitrum: 1k ARB
Single Speed Markets on Arbitrum: 3k ARB
Chained Speed Markets on Arbitrum: 1k ARB
You will be able to track your rewards on this dedicated Dune dashboard.
Last modified 1mo ago