Thales Referrals Program

Thales Referral Program is supported on the Optimism and Arbitrum networks only.
Thales Referrals Program is an on-chain incentivized user acquisition and onboarding tool.
The program allows for Thales users to generate Referral Links and share them with potential traders they are trying to onboard. If someone uses your Referral Link to start trading on Thales, the referrers get a percentage from each trade, paid in sUSD directly. This way, everyone has a direct incentive to onboard as many new users to Thales as possible and benefit from their trading volume.
You can reach the Referral from the menu or at

How does it work?

Thales Referral Program works by taking 50% of the Minimal Skew Impact traders pay for AMM balancing purposes on the Thales marketplace (1% of the entire trade), and routing it towards the referrer which link was used to onboard that specific trader(s).
If you want to refer to Thales using your personal Thales referral link, you must first generate your unique referral link.
Before generating the link, you have the option to choose if you want to onboard the user to the Landing Page, Markets page or Ranged Markets page. This is done by selecting from the "Choose landing page" dropdown.
You can then enter your referral ID. This can be anything you'd like to you to identify yourself in the referral link.
Navigate to, connect your wallet and select a landing page and referral ID, and then click on the GENERATE LINK button. After you click on the button, you should be able to see your own personal referral link URL below the button. Copy this link to share with others.
Every new user that uses your Referral Link to onboard to Thales will be tied to your wallet address, which means that your wallet used to generate the Referral Link will be receiving 1% of total trading volume that the referred user drives on the Thales marketplace.
On bottom of the page you can track the performance of your referral link by seeing total number of trades your referred addresses have done, total volume they driven and the amount of sUSD you subsequently earned so far because of it.