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THALES/WETH LP rewards on Optimism - Guide

With the recent migration to Optimism, as per TIP-23, Thales have joined forces with Gelato to incentivize THALES/WETH liquidity providers on Optimism with THALES token rewards.
Gelato’s G-UNI framework wraps non-fungible Uniswap V3 positions into fungible and composable ERC-20 LP tokens so that platforms can use them with staking contracts and effectively incentivize Uniswap V3 liquidity provisioning via proxy.

THALES/WETH G-UNI pool on Optimism Mainnet is incentivized with 24,000 THALES + 2,500 OP tokens per week.

The following is a detailed walkthrough on how to provide THALES/WETH liquidity on G-UNI, stake G-UNI LP tokens in the Thales dapp and claim your THALES rewards.
Make sure your wallet is connected to Optimism Network while you are going through the steps described in this guide. Go to, find Optimism card under ChainID = 10 and click on the Connect Wallet button.
To provide liquidity and be eligible for LP incentives, you need to have Wrapped Ethereum that will be used to pair with your THALES tokens.
You can wrap your ETH to WETH on Optimism using the Uniswap exchange with the following link:

Step 1: Provide THALES+WETH liquidity to the G-UNI pool on Sorbet Finance UI

Navigate to the Add Liquidity to THALES/WETH page on the UI by using the following link:
Disclaimer: Arrakis Finance UI on Optimism is still in beta phase. If you are having issues with seeing your wallet balance or if the THALES token is not showing, try to clear the application state in your Web Browser console:
  1. 1.
    Open your Web Browser console and click on the Application tab on the top right
  2. 2.
    Expand Local Storage and right click on
  3. 3.
    Click on the Clear button
Steps to clear the application state of
On the Add Liquidity page, input the amount of THALES and WETH you wish to deposit and provide liquidity with into the input fields.
After inputting your desired amount of tokens, click on the Add Liquidity button and confirm the transaction.
Once the transaction is confirmed, you should get a certain amount of Gelato Uniswap THALES/WETH LP (G-UNI) tokens in your wallet that represent your share of the liquidity pool.

Step 2: Stake your LP tokens in the Thales dapp

Navigate to the LP Staking page in the Thales dapp by using the following link:
From the staking page, you can click on the LP Staking tab to stake LP tokens:
After you inputted the amount of LP tokens, click on the Stake button and confirm the transaction.

Step 3: Claim THALES rewards

Now that you've staked your LP tokens you'll see your rewards accruing in the Rewards card of the LP staking page:
If you want to claim your THALES rewards, click on the Claim THALES button and confirm the transaction.