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Speed Markets Leverage!

What are Chained Speed Markets

Chained Speed Markets are the next evolution of classic Speed Markets, allowing you to predict multiple sequential price movements in one go for explosive leveraged payouts up to 47x !

Chained Speed Markets allow you to create a series of 2 to 6 sequential price predictions with a fixed Strike Time each and with an increasing payout multiplier per each added market. This product has also been voted in by the Thales Governance, under the TIP-174 Chained Speed Markets

How Chained Markets work

Deposit and Engage

With Speed Markets, we allowed the users to bypass the limitations of the classic crypto trading markets. They could now trade short term markets, and not really worry about maturity dates. However, the Speed markets had a different limitation - in one trade, you could at most double your position. In order to accommodate the needs of users looking for a more leveraged exposure, we created Chained Speed Markets.

Users can initiate their Chain Speed Markets journey by depositing a modest $5, unlocking a world of strategic trading possibilities. The player then selects the number of rounds, ranging from 2 to 6, with each round swiftly lasting 10 minutes.


At the deposit stage, traders can show their strategic thinking and analytical skills, predicting whether the price of the chosen asset will be above or below its initial value at the conclusion of each 5 or 10-minute round. The users are required to submit all predictions for the selected rounds at the time of deposit. Once set, these predictions are immutable and cannot be altered.

Success in each round means advancement to the next, with the potential for multiplied returns. However, an incorrect prediction at any stage results in the loss of the initial $10 deposit. The challenge lies in maintaining accuracy across all selected rounds.

With an increasing multiplier for each correctly predicted round, ranging from 1.7 for the second round, up to 1.9 for 6 rounds, the excitement intensifies as traders witness their potential returns grow. For instance, a 2-round chained market boasts a thrilling 2.89x payoff if both rounds are picked successfully (up to 47x for 6 rounds )

Powered by Pyth Network

Chained Speed Markets leverage the power of Pyth Benchmark on-demand oracles, offering historically queryable prices that validate trades in near real-time. These oracles play a crucial role in risk management for intraday markets like Speed (and Chained) Markets. Pyth Benchmark price feeds are updated every second using source data from reputable third-party publishers, providing verifiable transparency through the Pythnet blockchain.

Chained Speed Markets represent a fusion of speed, strategy, and multiplied returns, offering traders an exhilarating platform to navigate the dynamic landscape of financial markets.

Chained Markets parameters

The parameters for Chained Speed Markets will be maintained via the Governance process. Configuration TIPs for considerations like opening the ChainedSpeedMarketAMM up for LPing will need to be submitted by the community and voted in by the Thales Council. Initial funding will be provided by the TreasuryDAO, but future LPing could take it's place to provide liquidity for Speed Markets.

  • Volume generated on Chained Speed Markets will count towards gamified staking rewards.

  • Chained Speed Markets currently offer 5 and 10 minute rounds, but there might be other options in the future

  • ETH and BTC will be the supported assets, with expansion to more assets planned in the future.

  • Speed Markets will include a SafeBox fee of 2%.

  • The number of round can be between 2 and 6

  • The multiplier starts from 2.89x for two markets, with a max 47x for 6 rounds

  • The minimum buy-in will be 5 USD, with a maximum of 10 USD (but both can be changed).

  • The AMM Risk Cap per Day will begin at 10.000 USD.

Positions can be purchased using the several forms of collateral, with the minimum amount of each adjusted to equal 5 USDC. The following forms of collateral are accepted:

Speed Markets on Optimism, Arbitrum and Base also support Multicollateral offramping, meaning you can choose the form of collateral you'd like to receive when claiming a winning position.

How to trade Chained Speed Markets

You can jump into the action from the "Speed Markets" menu item or by navigating directly to https://thalesmarket.io/speedmarkets.

When on the Speed Markets page, you can switch to the Chained markets using the toggle in the top right side of the page

You'll see the price chart with a constantly-updating asset price, based on a data feed from Pyth Oracles. In the other corner of the chart you'll see the liquidity available for the chosen asset. Below the chart are different time frames and a summary of your positions once the variables are selected.

Purchasing a position

To create a position, first choose an asset and directions for the rounds. This is the direction you think the price will have moved at the end of the round, based on the price at the start of the round. The first round starts at the time the purchase transaction is submitted. You need to choose the direction for all of the round that are shown in the picker. Rounds can be added or removed using the - (minus) and + (plus) symbols under the 2nd step.

You can purchase positions with sUSD, ETH, USDC, OP (on Optimism), ARB (on Arbitrum), DAI, USDT and WETH. You can also use USDC on Polygon and Base.

Next, enter or pick the amount of USD you would like to deposit (or pick a different collateral) and click BUY.

Once you are holding a position it will appear under the "Your Open Positions" section with the amount of time until the results are in shown in orange. For Chained markets, the Open positions section will show all the positions you have chosen for each round, and the current status of each round.

Claiming a winning position

You'll see the yellow "Claim Win $XX.XX" button when you have a winning position. Next to the claim button you can see a dropdown you can use if you want to claim your winnings using a different collateral. Click on the yellow button to complete the transaction and claim your deserved payout!

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