Optimism Trading Incentives Program

With Thales receiving 900,000 OP tokens as Phase 0 grant allocation from Optimism, part of that allocation is to be dedicated towards a Trading Incentives program on the Thales marketplace.
Thales governance structure reached an agreement to emit 200,000 OP tokens + 350,000 THALES tokens as Trading Incentives for a duration of 14 weeks and 135,000 OP tokens as bonus rewards for Traders who are also staking THALES at the same time.
The program is split across 7 rounds of rewards, each lasting for 2 weeks (14 days). Each round will have a fixed amount of tokens as rewards distributed pro-rata among Buy Volume drivers across different reward buckets.
The distribution of rewards per each 14-day round is as following:
  • 11,000 OP + 20,000 THALES split between UP token Buy Volume in sUSD
  • 11,000 OP + 20,000 THALES split between DOWN token Buy Volume in sUSD
  • 6,000 OP + 10,000 THALES split between Ranged Markets IN/OUT tokens Buy Volume in sUSD
  • Bonus OP token rewards if you are a THALES staker, as detailed in TIP-53.
Motivation behind splitting the rewards in this specific manner can be found in the Motivation section of the TIP-56 Governance Proposal.
After each 14-day round ends, rewards will be distributed to eligible wallets directly based on the pro-rata calculations for that respective round.

Trading Rewards overview page

You can observe you current rewards status for each bucket in detail on the new Trading Rewards page in the Thales dapp.
For the duration of the current round, the rewards presented in the UP TOKEN, DOWN TOKENS and RANGED TOKENS columns of the Table are subject to change until the round is over.
Since the rewards are distributed pro-rata from a fixed amount at the end of each 14-day round, your presented rewards are subject to change until the end of the round as more Buy Volume is driven by other traders.
  • Select Round dropdown - Used to choose for which trading round you wish to see the Rewards data from.
  • Search Bar input field - Input your wallet's public address to isolate your data from the table for better view
  • Table Columns
      • Volume: Your current amount of Buy Volume for this specific distribution
      • Percentage: Your current percentage compared to global Buy Volume for this distribution
      • Rewards: Your current amount of rewards that you are eligible for.
    • GAMIFIED STAKING BONUS - Your bonus OP token rewards accrued as THALES staker.
    • TOTAL REWARDS - Sum of all rewards as per current calculation.
GAMIFIED STAKING BONUS rewards are triggered and visible in the table only when you claim your weekly THALES staking rewards.