Thales Royale Mainnet (LIVE)

After a successful public testnet competition, Thales Royale will be held on Optimism Mainnet, this time with the introduced buy-in functionality. This means that the prize pool will be the entire buy-in pool with additional incentives sponsored from the Thales treasury, split across the season winners.
The first batch of Thales Royale mainnet competitions will be comprised of 6 Thales Royale Seasons. Each Season will last for the duration of two weeks, with a start on every second Monday at 16:00 UTC. Each season will be played around the price of ETH.
A Thales Royale Season includes the entirety of the sign-up phase, all 6 rounds (or less if all or all but 1 player gets eliminated before the end of round 6) and the final conclusion of the winner(s).

Thales Royale Season parameters:

  • Season Sign-up phase duration: 3 days
  • Number of Rounds per Season: 6 rounds
    • Individual Round Duration: 24h (8h positioning phase + 16h resolution phase)
  • Total Prize pool per Season: Season buy-in pool + 1000 sUSD + 1000 THALES
  • If there is only a single person "alive" after a certain round, they is declared winner
  • If everyone is eliminated after a certain round, the final round participants are all declared winners

Participation Guide

Step 1: Sign Up for Thales Royale on the Scoreboard page

Navigate to the main Thales Royale page found on the Thales dapp.
When you navigate to the Thales Royale page you will be prompted to connect to Optimistic network. When you click the button saying Switch to Optimism your wallet will automatically connect to Optimism without needing to manually enter the network details beforehand.
If you click the ••• button on the top right of the Thales Royale page, you open a small menu where you can toggle between the Blue and Green UI theme and also toggle between English
, Russian
and Chinese
On the top of Thales Royale main page you'll see the countdown timer for when Thales Royale officially starts. Under the countdown timer there is a text explaining the mechanics of Thales Royale. Further down, there is a Player Card that displays:
  • Your Display Name - You can manually change your Image Avatar and Display Name by clicking on the 👤 symbol
  • Your Address
  • Your sUSD balance
  • Your holdings of Thales Royale Pass NFTs
  • Default Position selector
  • Buy In type selector - Can choose between buying in with Royale Pass NFT or with classic 30 sUSD buy-in
When you click the Buy In button, confirm the transaction and you are registered for Thales Royale!
If you scroll down a bit you will be able to see the Players Scoreboard.
If you've verified on Discord but have not yet Signed Up, you will appear as greyed out with #0 next to your name.
When you click the Sign Up button and confirm the Sign Up transaction, you will be assigned a Player Number and a profile picture that is pulled from your Discord account from which you've verified.
Thales Royale scoreboard

Step 2: Go to Battle!

After you successfully Verified/Signed Up and the Thales Royale Start countdown reaches zero, the battle officially begins!
Navigate to the Royale page using the Royale button found on the bottom left corner.
Positioning of the Royale page navigation button
After you navigate to the Royale page you are presented with the Round 1 card where you can now select a position for the current round.
If you fail to take a position until Time left for positioning countdown elapses you will be eliminated.
When you choose your position and confirm the transaction the button you chose will expand to display the choice you've made.
You can continue to change your position as long as there is still Time left for positioning.
If you've chosen correctly whether the price of ETH will be above/below the Strike Price for this round, you advance to the next round and are able to position for that round on the next card.
If you chose incorrectly you are eliminated and will not be able to continue positioning.
The new Strike price for the next round is set to the current price of ETH at the moment the previous round ends.
If you survive for 6 rounds in succession, you are the winner of the current Thales Royale Season and you split the prize pool together with other winners.
Alternatively, if you are the "Last Person Standing" before round 6 is reached, then the Royale is stopped and you are declared the winner.