Thales Royale Pass NFT

Thales Royale Pass NFT
Thales Royale Pass is a transferable NFT on Optimism network that a user can mint with 30 sUSD and subsequently any wallet holding that NFT can use it as a Sign-Up for any Thales Royale season. It's main purpose is to act as Thales Royale Buy-In in NFT form and be used as a transferable gift card or a voucher for Thales Royale participation.
Thales Royale Pass NFT is mintable via the Thales Royale Scoreboard page. Cost of minting is equal to Thales Royale Buy-In (30 sUSD). When the Pass is minted, the 30 sUSD is put into the NFT contract. After the Pass is used for Signing-Up for a specific Thales Royale season, 30 sUSD is transfered from the NFT contract into the contract of that specific Royale season.
You can view and transfer your Thales Royale Pass NFTs using your Profile page on the Quixotic NFT marketplace on Optimism.

Minting Guide

Navigate to the main Thales Royale page found on the Thales dapp.
When you navigate to the Thales Royale page you will be prompted to connect to Optimistic network. When you click the button saying Switch to Optimism your wallet will automatically connect to Optimism without needing to manually enter the network details beforehand.
After connecting your wallet to the dapp, click on the Mint Royale Pass button on the top right corner of the screen.
After clicking the Mint Royale Pass button, a pop-up window should open that is used for sUSD approval for expenditure on the Pass NFT minting.
You can Approve all by leaving the checkbox checked, or you can limit the amount of sUSD you want to approve manually by unchecking the Approve all checkbox and inputting sUSD amount in the Approve amount of: input field.
Click on the Approve sUSD button and confirm the transaction.
After approval transaction is confirmed, click on the Mint Royale Pass button again and confirm the transaction.
Congratulations! You just minted your own Thales Royale Pass NFT !
After you minted the Thales Royale Pass NFT, it should appear in your Player Card on the Scoreboard page, showing the Pass spinning animation and also indicating the amount of Passes you own.
Location of the Royale Passes indicator
If you are holding Thales Royale Pass NFT in your wallet, you will have the option to Buy In with Royale Pass when a certain Thales Royale season Sign-Up period is open.