Thales Royale Testnet Competition


Thales Royale was a fully on-chain sequential winner(s)-take-all prediction game, played in 6 rounds. Participants had 3 days to register, starting 11/29, with the first round beginning on 12/2.
This first iteration was run on Optimistic Ethereum Kovan Testnet.
At the moment when Round 1 officially started a snapshot of the current price of ETH was taken. Registered participants then had 8 hours to choose if they thought the price of ETH would be higher (△) or lower (○) then the Strike Price after exactly 24 hours from the moment the round started. After first 8 hours elapsed, participants were no longer able to choose or change their position.
Those who guessed correctly advanced to the next round, which started immediately after the previous one ended. Those who did not guess right were eliminated 💀 from the competition. 5 more rounds followed, using the same format but with fewer and fewer survivors. Players who reached and beat the final round split the entire prize pool.
Once the dust settled, only 8 competitors from over 2000 that registered survived all 6 rounds in succession. These final 8 were deemed the winners of Thales Royale and each received 1000 THALES.
Its was all worth it in the end.
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